Who we are


Mission and Vision

We are a community-centered organization aimed at providing a safe, inclusive, inspirational, and expansive environment for elementary-aged children to explore and thrive. We ensure community building and social emotional learning remain at the core of our work. Our families know that inquiry, project-based learning, and environmental impact are the foundations of our efforts. 

Children who attend our program will learn through their own curiosities and questions about the world. They will be exposed to a multitude of creative art forms and iterations of self-expression in order to deeply discover themselves and their peers. We spread joy through community connection and involvement. We curate a space for young learners to discover their own creative rhythms and create at their own pace. 

Creative Community is built on foundational values of inclusivity and identity affirmation. We focus on centering and uplifting marginalized voices in both our creative exploration and our development of camper communities. We make space for honest, child-led conversations about the world. 

Our Story

Creative Community was founded by Clarity Countryman and Maya Gordon in 2022. Clarity and Maya are East Bay educators with teaching experience grounded in arts integration, exploration, and inquiry. They find joy in learning and growing alongside people of all ages, as they deeply value collaboration, connection, and self-discovery. They have been inspired by their own passions for environmental justice, anti-racist practices, and community advocacy. 

Clarity and Maya established Creative Community with the intention of creating a space that fosters a love of learning that exists outside the pressures of systemic metrics and constraints.